Petya Kirova - NPC Fitness Competitor, Metroflex Girl

Petya Kirova, born January 5, 1996 Varna, Bulgaria

Sport: Weightlifting, NPC Bikini Competitor

Q: What made you get into fitness?

A: As a soccer player for three years in high school, I did not have as much experience as other girls and wasn’t good enough to play on varsity but I still wanted to be an athlete of some sort. Chasing after the athletic physique, I developed an interest for bodybuilding and fitness as it seemed to be the perfect alternative to achieving this look. It not only provided a mental challenge only I could push myself through but it taught me discipline and self-motivation. Moving to Texas after graduating high school, not knowing anyone here, I became 100% dedicated to fitness. With this amount of dedication, I saw crazy results and since then on fitness has been my addiction.

Q: Any considerable changes in your life before and after?

A: Before fitness, I would not have a purpose for most of the things I did. Just like any other teenager I would chase after the fun not realizing that it had no benefit to my future. Now, most of my decisions are based on taking actions that will only bring me closer to my goals, whether they are fitness related or not. This new mindset has definitely helped me develop into a healthier and more confident person.

Q: What is the secret behind your success so far?

A: The secret behind success in my opinion is consistency; choosing a plan of action and following it all the way through. With fitness, for me this means eating clean and training hard year-round, almost every single day, without making any excuses.

Q: About your Social Media presence, where can others keep up with you?

A: I love sharing my progress and fitness tips on Instagram @petyahh

Q: Let us know about your workout regime

Monday: Shoulders

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Back & Biceps

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Back & Biceps

Sunday: Glutes/Abs/Cardio

Q: What Vizinx Supplements do you take?

A: The Pro10 Dutch Chocolate protein is my favorite (perfect for making protein ice cream), and the BCAAs have been extremely useful in helping me recover from my workouts!

Q: What is your daily diet?

A: I keep it pretty clean and simple. Oatmeal, chicken, brown rice, extra lean ground beef, and quinoa are my most frequent go-to foods. I also try to incorporate a handful of green veggies such as broccoli, kale, and spinach in my diet each day.

Q: Last but not least: Your message for quitters?

A: When you have an idea in your head, something that you wake up thinking about and go to bed dreaming about. act on it and don’t ever quit until you’ve made it a reality. I don’t believe things like that are a coincidence. It’s on your mind for a reason, so chase after that idea no matter how much it scares you or how others might feel about it. Prove it to yourself that you can achieve anything.

Q: Additionally, offer any certifications, accomplishments or goals that you’re working to attain.

A: I am hoping to get my IFBB Pro Card in the next year or so as I have just recently qualified for Nationals!




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