Cassidy Cintron - NPC Bikini Competitor

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Cassidy Cintron, born March 13th 1996 Stuart, FL.

Sport: Bodybuilding (Bikini Division) & Powerlifting currently resides Port St. Lucie, FL. U.S.A.


245lb for an easy double after squats (which felt amazing FYI😏). First one was a little slower because I was worried about my right hamstring (it got tight during my warm ups and I was trying to be cautious and avoid injury). But these felt light, peaking perfectly and ready for more weight💪🏼 2 weeks out yo😎 @facingfearfitness @jailhousestrong #Godisgood #foreverfaithful #strength #deadlifts #deads #determination #daughteoftheKing #npccompetitor #health #liveforHim #goals #powerlifter #bodybuilding #bikini #bikinicompetitor #offseason #workout #strength #gains #npc #igfitness #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #workout #muscles #chicksthatlift #fitgirlsofig #girlsthatlift #girlswithmuscle #joshstrength #jailhousestrong

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Q. What made you get into fitness?

A. My mom first introduced fitness into my life when she decided to change her lifestyle. Seeing how happy she was and longing to be fit myself, prompted me to research more into eating healthy and working out. I started going to a local gym with her, and began researching as much as I could about nutrition and training. Her personal trainer was also the coach of a powerlifting team at our gym, so he showed me different lifts and had me more intrigued on lifting heavy weight rather than just doing cardio. I fell in love with lifting weights, for both good and bad reasons. At first, I thought I was being healthy when I started eating foods that were only “clean,” but my new lifestyle change turned into a very unhealthy obsession with my body image and restricting food very quickly. I would weight train for 3-4 hours at a time and then only eat somewhere around 1200 calories for the day. I hated my body image, and thought I was still fat, even after dropping a good 12lbs in a very short amount of time. I was trapped in an eating disorder. My mom sought help for me from people at our gym, and I ended up working with a bodybuilding coach to try to teach me that food was fuel to get the physique I wanted and to put much needed weight back on my body. I gained healthy weight back, and competed in my first bodybuilding show in the bikini division at 17 years old. I fell in love with the sport and competed again just 9 months later at the Europa Orlando, placed 4th out of over 30 women, and qualified for nationals, this time with an entirely new mentality, much bigger and more conditioned physique, and a real knowledge on nutrition science. I competed at Jr. USA’s 4 weeks later and placed in the top 15 out of about 50 women in a very competitive national show at only 18 years old. After nationals, I began working with Josh Bryant through a recommendation from my boyfriend, and at the end of that year I competed in my first powerlifting meet. Just recently, I competed in my second powerlifting competition, and although I did not hit the numbers that I wanted to achieve personally, I ended up winning first place in my age and weight class and won best junior female lifter at the meet. All of my competitions have been experiences, and although my eating disorder was a very bad time in my life, I thank God every day for the fact that I went through it. It made me a much stronger individual, allows me to help other girls who are going through the same thing, and drew me closer to the Lord more than ever before. Fitness is my passion, and I am so grateful for all the opportunities God has blessed me with through it.

Q. My considerable changes in your life before being a coach and after?

A. Before becoming a nutrition and training coach, I had completely changed my view on nutritional protocols and methods of training. I started doing research on real nutritional science, implemented it on myself, and learned that reaching a fitness goal does not have to be restrictive, obsessive or take time away from what is important in life. You can still eat the foods you like, as long is it fits your daily macronutrient/caloric targets. As far as training is concerned, you should train the way you like, also considering what is most optimal to reach your specific goals. Weight training should be the focus, with cardio as an accessory tool. However, everyone has different fitness goals, so I make sure my clients’ nutrition and training programs fit their specific goals, can be sustainable long term and can work with their daily lives. As a coach, it is important to make sure your clients are enjoying every aspect of their journey, not just the end goal. I am very grateful to God for blessing me with the opportunity to use my passion to help others through my coaching.

Q. What is the secret behind your success so far?

A. I owe all of my success to God for blessing me with my health, knowledge, and drive to constantly improve and reach my goals not only in fitness, but in my life as a whole. I constantly strive to grow closer to Him, learn more, do more, and put my full focus and heart into everything I aspire to do. Whatever dream takes place in my heart, I go after it. It is not always easy to fully go after your goals without hesitation or fear of failure, but I am grateful for a loving and supportive family and boyfriend that push me to succeed at the things I want in life no matter what trial may come my way. Success takes faith, determination, hard work, and becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. Anything is possible if you are willing to never give up.

Q. About your Social Media presence, where can others keep up with you?

A. People can follow me on Instagram at @cassidycfit and Facebook at

Q. Let us know about your workout regime?

A. My training programming is a combination of bodybuilding and powerlifting, called “powerbuilding” and changes either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the focus for  a current training cycle. It usually consists of 3 hard weeks of training 4-5 days a week, followed by a de-load week. My training coach is Josh Bryant, and we focus on progression over time in strength, intensity, and overall training volume which yields progress in muscle growth and overall 1RM strength after tapering. I am a duel athlete, competing in both the Bikini division of bodybuilding and in the 56kg weight class for powerlifting, so which ever sport I am preparing for at the time, also determines which side of the spectrum my training is more focused on. My workouts usually start with one of the main lifts, or a variation of them, followed by a lot of isolation work utilizing different training techniques, and sometimes more strength work, especially when prepping for a powerlifting meet. I include HIIT cardio for overall heart and metabolic health only once a week during my off season and about 3-4 times a week during prep for a Bikini competition.

Q. What Vizinx Supplements do you take?

A. I take MVP multivitamin pack every morning with my breakfast. It is so important that your body is given the amount of micronutrients it needs to sustain overall health, especially with a taxing training regimen, and MVP provides absolutely everything you need. I love that it supports joint health and is loaded with probiotics and a fruit and vegetable complex to sustain a healthy immune system. I also take a half scoop of B4GYM pre-workout about 20 minutes before my training sessions. I love the amount of focus and energy it gives me, without a crash and without making me feel itchy or overly stimulated. It is honestly the perfect pre-workout formula and enhances my strength and endurance immensely during training. Post workout, I make a delicious protein shake with PRO10 protein blend and Vizinx L-GLutamine for optimal fuel for my muscles and maximum recovery. I also take Vizinx BCAA capsules before and after training and in between meals to maximize muscle protein synthesis.

Q. What is your daily diet?

A. I don’t have a set daily diet or specific list of foods I eat. There are no specific foods one should or should not be eating to reach a fitness goal. I follow flexible dieting, nicknamed “IIFYM” which means I have a target number of calories, broken down into protein, carbohydrates, and fat that are tailored to my body and my specific goals that I aim to hit each day. I track my daily macronutrients on an app in my phone and I eat a wide variety of foods with no restrictions. I eat about 85% whole, organic foods and the other 15% of my foods are anything I want or crave throughout the day that usually isn’t considered “healthy.” Foods shouldn’t be labeled as either good or bad. It is not a certain type of food that causes fat gain or fat loss. Reaching fitness goals, in regards to nutrition, comes down to the daily calories of food you consume vs the daily amount of calories you expend during exercise. Tracking a specific ratio of macronutrients is for body composition purposes. I eat the foods I love and make me feel the best, focusing on plenty of high quality lean protein sources, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, but I also never restrict myself from the more “enjoyment” foods I may crave. Since I have been tracking my macronutrients for so long, I know portion sizes very well and am easily able to estimate the calories or macronutrients for food when I have to, so I never skip out on family events or turn down my boyfriend for late night pancakes because I can easily know what my caloric intake is for those meals and for the entire day. Life is too short to micro manage nutrition and in a way that it doesn’t have to be to reach your fitness goals. Balance and consistency is key to long term sustainability and optimal results.

Q.Additionally, offer any certifications, accomplishments or goals that you’re working to attain.

A. I am currently in my second year of college working to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science with a minor in Sports Nutrition and then obtain my master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine.

I am a co-owner of Muscle Munchies Inc, a low calorie, high protein bakery company,  alongside my boyfriend Matthew Cuevas. We are aiming to launch sales of our protein bakery treats at the beginning of 2016 and push as hard as we can to make this dream that we have worked so hard on for a year and a half, into a successful business that we can share with the entire fitness industry.

As a Bikini competitor, I am training hard to make the improvements necessary to compete at nationals again next year or in 2017 to obtain my IFBB Bikini Pro Card. I am also working hard in powerlifting to build the strength to become an elite level 56kg powerlifter and break new lifetime PRs.

I am also currently working on launching my Christian faith based nutrition and training company. I take on online clients now, but I am launching an official company where I will not only coach people in nutrition and training, but also help in spiritual training as well by just helping them seek God even more than they already do, or helping clients come to the Lord and realize just how much of a purpose and meaning their life has in Him.

Q. Last but not least: Your message for quitters?

A. Never give up, because you will never know when a break through will come. God always has something better for you in store. When you focus on the promises He has for you, and the goals in life that you want to achieve, realize that you CAN and you WILL accomplish them and God is ALWAYS faithful.