Bella Kane - Fitness Athlete, Personal Trainer

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Bella strives to be an example of love, light, and passion and to make a positive difference as she pursues her dreams and destiny. 
As a fitness athlete, Bella, enjoys creating performance and competition pieces that fuse her background in rhythmic gymnastics with her passion for performance and dance. Her choreography often is character based including tributes to Marvel Comics character, Elektra Natchios, The Great Gatsby,  and Phantom of the Opera. 
Bella  studied personal training at Cooper Institute, has 2 years of experience with sports performance training, and currently trains for her sport as a fitness athlete and dancer while pursuing her goals within the performing arts industry. As a trainer, Bella  believes in focusing in on the well being not the weight, formulating personalized goal targeting workouts based on the individual.
To Bella, working out is about more then the exterior.
She believes in strengthening the body, mind, and spirit and that working out is a medium for channeling balance and strength of heart & mind that transcends out of the gym and into everyday life.  
Workouts are geared towards creating and maximizing results, focusing in on the interest of her clients; making goals become reality.
She aspires to empower, inspire hope, and encourage others to live their dreams.