Travis Cadenhead - Power Lifter & Personal Trainer, specializing in men and women bodybuilding/figure/bikini, sports specific athletic training, and power lifting

Travis Cadenhead, born June 8th 1988 Lewisville, TX. U.S.A.

Sport - Competitive Powerlifting currently resides in Euless, TX. 

Q. Tell us about your fitness interests?

A. I am a personal trainer specializing in men and women bodybuilding/figure/bikini, sports specific athletic training, and power lifting (strength and conditioning, agility, core strength and explosive movements.) I have clients from all stages of life and I train upcoming and pro athletes. I started competing when I was 19 years old. Physical fitness is a passion of mine and my goal is to be an all-encompassing athlete. I call myself a hybrid athlete because not only do I have the aesthetics of a body builder, but I can perform at an extraordinary level of physical fitness.

Q. What made you get into fitness?

A. When I was first introduced to fitness/weight training, it was because of football in the 7th grade. Around 11th grade it began to be something I would do on my own outside of school. It was a way for me to get into my own world and let out aggression/energy. Shortly after that it became a lifestyle.

Q. Any considerable changes in your life before being a coach and after?

A. Before being a coach it was just about me and my journey. Now being a coach I get to help other people achieve their goals!

Q. What is the secret behind your success so far?

A.With everything in life you are going to have ups and downs. The key is to keep moving forward. Even if you slow down a little bit you have to keep going.

Q. About your Social Media presence, where can others keep up with you?

A. On Instagram @travis_cadenhead on Facebook Travis Cadenhead, and athlete page Travis Cadenhead

Q Let us know about your workout regime

A. It varies quite a bit. Monday- deadlifts and whole posterior. Tuesday- Some type of bench/shoulder/triceps work lower reps heavier weight. Wednesday- Hypertrophy workout for back 10-12 reps 4-5 exercises. Thursday- Squat work. Backs/Fronts/pauses. Other supporting leg exercises. Friday- Hypertrophy workout for Chest/shoulders/arms.

Q What Vizinx Supplements do you take?

A. B4GYM and ShredX

Q. What is your daily diet?

A It varies quite a bit. I don’t count calories or meals anymore. I just stick with real food. Lots of whole grains, fruits/veggies, and healthy fats. I stay away from the processed foods and sugar most of the time.

Q. Last but not least: Your message for quitters?

A. You’re never going to get anywhere in life if you quit at the first sight of struggle.

Q. Additionally, offer any certifications, accomplishments or goals that you’re working to attain.

A. I will be competing at the IPL world powerlifting meet in November!