Nicole Medellin - NPC Fitness Competitor, Metroflex Girl

Nicole Medellin, born January 7, 1989  Arlington, TX.

Sport: NPC Athlete 

Q: What made you get into fitness? 

A: I’ve always been athletic from an early age. Gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, and a long distance runner. In my early 20’s I started running marathons but wasn’t taking care of myself nutritionally. I met a girl when I was deployed to Iraq in 2009 and she introduced me to bodybuilding. I got into the National Physique Committee and started competing. I love being fit, healthy, and I use the gym as my way to balance my crazy life. 

Q: What is the secret behind your success so far? 

A: I wouldn’t say I have a secret. I’m just a very dedicated individual who refuses to be average. If I have a dream, I will chase it by doing whatever it takes to succeed. I’ve never been your average bear. I was thrown into the gifted and talented class at an early age. I graduated from high school earlier than my peers, so I know I’ve been a determined woman for as long as I can remember. Even while I was in the military, I made sure that whatever I did, I did it with all I have and at my best. 

Q: About your social media presence, where can others keep up with you? 

I’m active on social media. I have Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

FB: nicoleleemedellin

IG: nicolelee_m

SC: nlmedellin

Q:  What is your workout regime?

A: I workout about 5-6 days a week. I do weight training, some powerlifting, HIIT cardio, and steady state cardio. I train my weaker body parts (glutes, abs, and calves) about 3 times a week. I only do cardio 4 times a week. My favorite area to train is back and I absolutely love to deadlift.

Q: What Vizinx supplements do you take?

A: I take B4GYM pre-workout, PRO10, and the probiotics 30 billion.

Q: What is your daily diet?

A: I’m a flexible dieter. I eat whatever I please in moderation as long as it fits my macros that my nutrition coach gives me. I still eat pretty clean, extra lean beef, ground turkey, chicken, salmon, vegetables, greens, and rice. The only staple meal I eat daily is protein pancakes with peanut butter chocolate chips. I don’t have cheat meals because the IIFYM lifestyle allows me to eat what I love without restricting my diet. I can’t give up protein doughnuts, haha!

Q: Last but not least: Your message for quitters?

A: I don’t know what quitting is… just kidding. Quitting should never be an option. Anyone can quit. Do you want to be anyone or do you want to be someone? Someone stands out. It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand out.

Q: Additionally, offer any certifications, accomplishments, or goals that you’re working to attain.

A: I’m a 9-year Army Veteran. I have my Associate of Science and I’m attending UTA for my Bachelor of Science. I’m a top 5 NPC bikini athlete. This year I will be working toward bringing a better package to the stage.