Kara King - NPC Fitness Competitor

Kara King, born April 19th 1991 Wichita Falls, TX.

Sport: Isolation Training, HITT, Fitness Competitor currently resides in Fort Worth TX

Q. What made you get into fitness?

A. I’ve always been super athletic. Since I could walk I played some kind of sport- cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, track, powerlifting, and CrossFit as I got older. A lot of people in my family have diabetes or are overweight… so that became my motivation. Being athletic (being involved in sports) also kept me away from home when I was younger- as I had a difficult relationship with my parents. Working out has always been my outlet in life. It helps relieve stress, I feel better about myself- mentally and physically, it makes me feel better about the days to come as well just knowing I am healthy and fit.

Q.What is the secret behind your success so far?

A. My dedication and determination. I hold myself to a higher standard, as most athletes probably do. I do not settle for mediocre and refuse to do so. I put my whole heart into everything I do- whether it’s baking cookies or preparing for an upcoming show (I don’t do both around the same time lol). But seriously, I am just really determined to make all of my dreams come true, in and out of the gym.

Q. About your Social Media presence, where can others keep up with you?

A. My athlete Facebook page is facebook.com/Karalynek or personal is /xokaraluvsyaxo--- I post in both but if people want to really know about me my personal page is the place to go. Instagram- @karalynek

Q. Let us know about your workout regime

A. I am in the gym 5-6 days a week doing isolation weight training. I also incorporate HIIT cardio or just cardio in general about 3-4 days a week. Cardio is my enemy as I really don’t like doing long extended sessions so I have to switch it up. Usually I’ll do 15-20 minutes on different machines- treadmill, stair master, bike, etc.

Q. What Vizinx Supplements do you take?

A. ShredX and B4GYM Pre-workout (the raspberry lemonade is super yummy)

Q. What is your daily diet?

A. A lot of lean meat- ground turkey, chicken, tilapia and fresh veggies- asparagus and zucchini are my favorite. I throw in carbs when needed as my diet changes frequently because of competition preps. I don’t do anything crazy though. I eat clean and healthy. I still indulge and have “refeed” meals at least once a week.

Q.Last but not least: Your message for quitters?

A. Don’t do it!! Lol. I know- easier said than done. I have a tattoo that says “Without struggle there is no progress.” Like anything in life- it all takes time. Quitting can be the easiest thing to do in the world, but the ones who keep going when it gets hard are the ones who truly want to succeed.

Q. Additionally, offer any certifications, accomplishments or goals that you’re working to attain.

A. I just recently started competing a few months ago and placed 4th in my first show and 2nd in my second show those are major accomplishments for me so far. My dream is to compete at nationals in 2016 and earn my pro card.