Kaitlin Burgess - Elite Strongwomen Athlete

Kaitlin Burgess, I currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas! Strongman is my sport of choice! 

Growing up with a dad who was a bodybuilder, fitness has always been a part of my life.  I was active growing up, playing basketball, volleyball and track. After high school I was wandering without a calling, out of shape with little confidence. When I got back into the gym and started training strongman I knew I had found my calling. I always had a work ethic, discipline and a drive to be successful but now found an avenue to channel that into with strongman.  I train four days a week; three days being standard barbell training with a few strongman events sprinkled in and Sunday’s being event training for upcoming contest. I’ve only been in the sport of strongman for a short time but have seen great success. I’ve been crowned Texas Strongest Women, Oklahoma Strongest Women while also placing 3rd at North American Strongwomen Championship. I will also be competing at the 2016 Arnold World Strongman Championships. 

There is no secret to success, patience and consistency are characteristics engrained in a successful athlete. It takes time to grow the body and mind; you will not become the strongest man/women in a short period of time. Being a single working mom and elite strongwomen athlete I rely on B4GYM pre-workout after long days. It helps me focus and push through a hard workout when my mind is tired. My message for quitters: "Don't quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion" - Muhammad Ali  

 You can find me on Instagram @heartofagypsygirl & Kaitlin Burgess on Facebook!