Bryan Barrett - BS Exercise Science, NSCA S&C Specialist, ASC Pro Strongman & HS Coach

Bryan Barrett, born April 5th 1985 Abilene TX. U.S.A.

Sport - Professional Strongman Competitor currently resides in Arlington, TX. U.S.A.

In my athletic career, I have earned the status of being a Professional Strongman through The American Strongman Corporation. I was not born with superior genetics but with a strong work ethic and persistence I have become successful. I have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Texas State University and am working on a master’s degree from The University of Texas at Arlington. I’m a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from The National Strength and Conditioning Association. I really enjoy Vizinx products, my daily routine includes MVP-Multi Vitamin Pack in the morning, B4GYM pre-workout and Pro10 after my workouts. You can find me on Instagram @strongmanbarrett and facebook Bryan Barrett.

Strongman Achievements Include:

Colorado Strongest Man 2012

California Strongest Man 2014

Oklahoma Strongest Man 2015

Texas Strongest Man 2013, 2014, 2015

North America Strongman Champion 2015

Arnold Strongman World Championship Qualifier 2015, 2016



438lb Stone to 50" #105kgStrongman #Route66StrongestMan #startingstrongman #strongman #atlasstone

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