Brian Dobson - Founder of Metroflex Gym, Trainer of Champions

Brian Dobson, July 7th 1957 Detroit MI.

Founder of Metroflex Gym, Trainer of Champions, currently resides in Burleson TX. USA 

Q. What made you get into fitness?

A. In my youth I always worked to be my very best athletically. I had a true passion for all ball sports and especially loved baseball. During this period I started hitting the weights working to improve my strength and level of fitness. After a period of time I found myself training with a group of elite lifters at Armento’s Gym in Detroit. This was a cool place with a hardcore atmosphere. I dreamed of having the same noticeable physique as others that trained there during this period and the notoriety that came with it. I was a huge fan of Tom Platz and it was not long before my high school coach gave me an ultimatum to spend more time focusing on ball sports and less time on my gym interests. This was the pivotal moment for me I chose Armento’s

Q. Any considerable changes in your life before being a coach and after?

A. My life has been full of changes I think everyone’s probably is. If you’re not changing you will likely never find your true potential. I would not say that coaching or being a top level trainer in the sport of bodybuilding changed me as I have always given it my all in that regard. I will say the Lord has sanctified me and continues to do so daily and that has empowered me to be a better brother to others beyond any expectations I could have ever imagined for myself.

Q. What is the secret behind your success so far?

A. I recognize that some people are hard gainers and some people are easy gainers I encourage them for  whatever they are to never give up and always be consistent.

Q. About your Social Media presence, where can others keep up with you?




Q. Let us know about your workout regime

A. I train 5 times a week

Chest on Monday, Legs on Tuesday, Arms on Wednesday, Back on Thursday and Shoulders on Friday. I of course do not train as heavy anymore but still work to change up what I do every 3 weeks and have moved to a higher volume.

I do abdominal work 2 x weekly and like to play organized baseball seasonally. Although year round hitting a few buckets of balls before I go home on Tuesdays makes my day!

Q. What Vizinx Supplements do you take?

A. I love the B4GYM, MVP, PRO10, Ultimate EPA-DHA, Turmeric and of course the Ultra Joint Support.

Q. What is your daily diet?

A. My diet is seasonal based on my activities. I love to eat wild game best and work to eat a variety of fresh foods. I am always working to get my water in.

Q. Last but not least: Your message for quitters?

A. You will never accomplish anything great if you quit. Never Quit.

Q. Additionally, do you have any additional goals in your life that you’re working to attain?

A. To wake up every day and do my best to glorify God.